James Inman

Star of the critically acclaimed film The Unbookables soon to be released on Comedy Dynamics, “A true story about standup comics who have spent their whole lives pushing limits – onstage and off”. James Inman is the 1997 winner of the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. He has the top two most downloaded episodes on the Doug Stanhope podcast. Described by media critic David Fewster as being “the spawn of an unnatural union between Henry Rollins and Don Rickles.” James has performed at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the New Faces and Nasty Show at Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, placed top ten in the Comedy Central Laugh Riots, performed Seattle Bumbershoot twice and was a three time headliner of the Seattle Lenny Bruce Festival. He was co-creator of the Mudslingers Ball Comedy Central pilot and written and produced his own one man show adapted from his book The Greyhound Diary.