Drunk Idiots Podcast

Episode One of Drunk Idiots Podcast. This is a podcast I started with my neighbor. We had a crappy microphone. The title of the show pretty much explains it all. We start each podcast drinking. We may have some guests but they’re all going to be neighbors from the area. The intro music is by The Kansas City Bear Fighters.

Episode Two of Drunk Idiots Podcast we talk about how the podcast with Cortney fucked up (I may post that later) and we go over some other stuff about Blind Robbie and just general normal stuff that happens around the apartment complex.

Episode Three of where Kelley tells the story about being arrested a month ago and spent twenty five days in jail. Dean the landlord comes over and I get into an argument with him. The rest of the podcast we talk about stupid shit and things spiral downward.

Episode Four where we get the cops called on us because we were too loud. Brenda is pissed and leaves voice messages. We discuss stealing beer and food from Quick Trip. Kelley talks about his possible DMT experience where he came out of his body. Intro music is Tequila Time by The Kansas City Bear Fighters.