The Unbookables Film

The Unbookables Movie is a project I got involved in with Doug Stanhope and Jeff Pearson. Doug coined the phrase Unbookable to define a group of comics that couldn’t get booked anywhere because they were too weird for the average audience. The idea was to follow us around with a seven man film crew on a three week tour of Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. The film has been re-edited for VOD and released by Comedy Dynamics. It stars me as myself, Andy Andrist, Sean Rouse, Brendon Walsh, Norm Wilkerson, Travis Lipski, Brett Erickson and Kristine Levine. We had cameras and boom mics in our face the whole time, morning, noon and night, before, during and after the shows. Jeff Pearson’s first documentary Pirate Radio went to 7 film festivals and won Most Original Documentary at the Wine Country Film Festival and Best Feature-Judges Award at the Zion Independent Film Festival.

From IMDB.

The Unbookables is a narrative documentary about stand-up comics who have spent their whole careers pushing limits–on stage and off. Relegated to small venues and touring in a crappy van through the Midwest they careen between the desire to succeed and the reality that there may be nothing left to lose. Road life is far from glamorous: comics come and go and cruel pranks and hard drinking punctuate their obsidian dark comedy on stage. They succeed and fail spectacularly. When they face being fired for going too far on stage, the conflict culminates in a showdown: compromise or double down? – Director Jeff Pearson.”